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Together we build a better future

Generosity is not only an action, it is a virtue which benefits all beings.

Doare is here to strengthen generosity through donation culture.

We create democratic connections between the social sector, people and companies.

With your participation, new bridges will be created to fund solutions that solve important global questions.

We create meaningful connections
We are enthusiastic about good ideas
We understand that building a fairer and more equitable world is done with the help of everyone. We bet and raise resources for social innovation projects that has a genuine impact.
We build bridges that transform reality
Through technology and memorable events, we potentialize encounters and trading relationships that generates important transformations for individuals and society.
We potentialize the power to perform
We understand that the philanthropic organizations need to focus to generate impact through their theory of transformation, and they don't need to create fundraising technology. That's why we provide technology at low cost and we give all the support that is needed to generate even more impact.
A better world starts with sincere intentions
Responsible actions may be the first step to solve a lot of problems of the universe. We believe in actions form the heart to bring more life to the planet.
Trust with responsibility
Trust is necessary and it is present in all our trading relationships. We honour and carefully watch over the quality of our partnerships in order to offer secure donation channels.
Our team
Ruy Fortini
Founder & CEO
Saulo Francisco Paganela
Project Coordinator
Patrícia Cozer
Luiza Jung
Murilo Hiratomi
Felipe Antunes
Head of Growth
Our partnerships
Throughout our history, we have received the support of good partners who have invested in our ideas and our world vision.
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Street Francisca Luísa Viêira, 53
Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis - SC
ZIP CODE: 88062-140
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Strengthening the culture of giving through strategy, design, technology and communication, since 2012.

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