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Make dreams of children with serious illnesses come true

Make-a-Wish Brasil

Make-A-Wish® Brazil is one of the 41 Make A Wish® International affiliates, one of the best-known and respected child support institutions in the world present in more than 50 countries on 5 continents.


Invest in the future of children and adolescents

Abrinq Foundation

Have you ever thought about a Brazil where all children and adolescents have their rights guaranteed? This is the dream of the Abrinq Foundation! Join us!

Saúde Criança

Safe Kids Brazil

Safe Kids Brazil is a non-governmental, non-profit, international organization, which has as mission the promotion of accident prevention with children and adolescents up to 14 years old.

Saúde Criança Association is a social organization a social organization who works with a pioneering methodology to restructure and promote the self-sustainability of families of children at social risk from public health units.

Improve treatment and conditions for cancer patients


ABRALE – Associação Brasileira de Linfoma e Leucemia - is one of the most é uma das mais relevant and important associations working throughout the country to democratize the treatment and quality of life of people with hematological diseases.



We receive donations of hair, transform them into wigs and donate to children and women diagnosed with diseases that cause hair loss. Know a little more about us!

Founded 15 years ago, with an innovative history of joint action with public managers and organizations in the development and implementation of solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and health care of children and adolescents.

Preserve our fauna and our flora

Amazônia Live

Rock in Rio has raised any questions and guaranteed the planting of millions of trees for the world's largest rainforest. Songs tell stories and our seeds too. At Amazonia Live, each one of them ensures an improvement in the life quality of the local populations.

SOS Amazônia


Founded in 2000 by professors-researchers and graduate students of UFPE, we have the mission of generate and disseminate strategic solutions for the conservation of biodiversity through science, training of human resources and social dialogue.

Created in the 1980s, when the Amazon deforestation began to be disseminated internationally. We are SOS Amazônia, a NGO with the mission to defend the Amazon rainforest!

Help defend human rights

Action Aid

We want a world without poverty and injustice. That's why we invest in people's ability to create change for themselves and their communities.






Keep the school meal healthy in the routine of hundreds of children in Nuevo Amacchel in Guatemala!

Contribute to grant credit for maternal entrepreneurship in small communities in Ethiopia.

Help maintain projects to combat violence against women in Liberia.

Contribute to the struggle for democratic participation of women in Gbarpolu County.

Get education for girls living in extreme poverty in Uganda.

Oxfam Brasil

Contribute to the construction of a fair and sustainable Brazil that eliminates the causes of poverty and inequality. We work with partners and allies as part of a national and global movement for social transformation.






Fight and pledge to human rights, democracy and construction and a fairer Brazil.

Contribute to the continuation of research actions and combat wage inequality between white and blacks people in Brazil.

Help foster women's empowerment through the "Saving for Change" program in Zimbabwe.

Contribute to the "Juventude nas Cidades" program and empower more communities in Brazil.

Join forces with the "More than Alliances" program to combat child marriage in Mali.

How is the future who you want?
Change needs to start right now!

Encourage education through sport


We aim to promote the inclusion of children and adolescents in risk situation and/or social vulnerability, encouraging the integral development of each student and encouraging them to play a leading role.

Fight for Peace

Fundação Gol de Letra

Borned as a dream of the four-time world champions, Raí and Leonardo, this project contributes to the education of young people from socially vulnerable communities, so that they can have more opportunities and perspectives in their lifes.

Fight for Peace exists to support young people from communities affected by crime and violence, either by creating opportunities or by supporting them in existent opportunities.

Develop leadership and transform the reality of communities

Elos Institute

To realize the world we all dream of, we believe that the way is transform communities. We live the process of community development, as we develop tools and methodologies who drive other projects in communities around the world.






With less than $17 per day, your donation transforms realities and impacts directly on the world we're building.

With less than R$ 12 a day, your donation turns the impossible into possible in a short amount of time.

With less than $6 a day, your donation brings the self-responsibility who lacks for our actions take place.

With less than $3 per day, your donation strengthens the sense of unity and belonging in the communities.

With less than $2 a day, your donation helps young people and adults to unlock their potential and purpose.

Contribute to organizations that invest in the social sector


BrazilFoundation mobilizes resources for ideas and actions who can transform Brazil. We work with leaders and social organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and opportunity for all Brazilians.

Fundação ABH

ICOM Florianópolis

We work as a Community Foundation, supporting companies and persons so that they can make social investments and donations with high social impact, in search of the improvement of life quality in the state of Santa Catarina.

Each one of us has power to change lifes. Together we are stronger to achieve more. We believe in an united and active society with social transformation. We're building bridges and dreams for a better and fairer Brazil.

Encourage professional qualification and entrepreneurship in Brazil

Gerando Falcões

Our projects are focused on sports, culture and professional qualification, being an engine to improve the family income. We are also a project of inclusion and therefore we are in places that society ignores, reintegrating ex-prisioners in the social life e.g..



We believe that entrepreneurs can change the world, so we work that they can be able to fulfill that potential. Support our mission now and help us to multiply the transformational power of entrepreneurs!

We seek to be a reference in transformative actions, acting primarily in the protection of children, adolescents and the family. Our coalition shares the same vision, mission, values and methodologies of social intervention.

Reinforce your spirituality


Our mission is to offer the Spiritist Doctrine to the persons by its study, practice and diffusion, by the solidary union of the spiritists and the unification of the spiritist institutions, contributing to the formation of good men.



Over the years, we have been able to bring change and quality of life to many families. There is no way to specify in numbers how many accomplishments and people have been benefited through our work.

The Associação e Fraternidade São Francisco de Assis na Providência de Deus is a nonprofit christian philanthropic entity dedicated to welcoming, caring for and serving those who the most need help.

Cultivate the future through culture and art

Projeto Quixote

The Projeto Quixote works on the mission of transforming the history of children, young people and families in complex situations of risk, through integrated clinical, pedagogical and social care, generating and disseminating knowledge.

Palhaços Sem Fronteiras


We promote the integration of dancers, professionals in the areas of arts, education and health with people with disabilities or special educational needs, through dance, music, fine arts and theater.

We seek laughs as an element of affective regeneration, so that it can be the basic element for social transformation, aiming at a less competitive society where the clown's generosity is not treated as an exception.

Fortify democracy and public policy


Develop solutions to transform leaders capable of formulate and institute innovative public policies in effective, ethical and responsible ways.


Viva Rio

Lightness and optimism are powerful features for those who live in difficult conditions. We pay our attention to these values, celebrating small victories and promoting events and gatherings who celebrate the culture of the places where we are.

Politize! seeks to reinforce political culture in Brazil, leading to political education through easy and light content without political-party ties.

Transparency in the destination of your donation

By donating, Doare guarantees that you will contribute to certified organizations and that your resources will be properly targeted.

The intermediation fees under each donation may vary according to the contract plan by the organization.

The minimum rate is 2.9% + $0.25 for credit card and $2.40 for banking billet and it can reach up to 9.8% + $0.95 for credit card and $3.20 for banking billet.

These fees cover all transaction and anti-fraud costs, generating the revenue that maintains Doare's financial sustainability as well.

You can also cover the costs of the intermediation fees so that the whole amount reaches the supported organization

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