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We need to unite and collaborate to protect the Amazon. Together we can raise R$ 1 million to support verified nonprofit organizations.

Conservation International

Casa do Rio

We work for the conservation of biodiversity and the quality of life of the forest peoples. We combine traditional knowledge with scientific knowledge to build a sustainable Amazon.
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Conservation International has already contributed to the creation of 22 million hectares of protected areas in the Amazon and joins efforts for the largest forest restoration in the Amazon. Each tree counts. Be part of the solution!
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SOS Amazônia

Fundo Socioambiental CASA

Fundo CASA strengthens socio-environmental initiatives of NGOs and community groups in South America by supporting many projects with small values. So we can reach several regions and generate greater impacts.

Created in the 1980s, when the Amazon deforestation began to be disseminated internationally. We are SOS Amazônia, a NGO with the mission to defend the Amazon rainforest and our biodiversity!



Home to the greatest biodiversity, the world's largest rainforest is suffering. Even if we feel ourselves unable to change anything, we don't want just to watch the frightening advance of the burning, the end of environmental preservation policies, the mass extinctions and the increase of deforestation.

We are Doare, an online fundraising platform that has been working with verified philanthropic organizations in Brazil since 2012. We have created this website to enable secure donations that will go to verified nonprofit organizations committed to preserving the Amazon.

We want to raise R$ 1 million to help verified philanthropic organizations preserve our greatest good, a small amount compared to the vastness of the forest and our capacity for social impact as a collective.

Until you reach end of this page, 2166 trees will have been felled in the Amazon.

Every minute, 864 trees are felled in the largest rainforest in the world.
The average page permanence is 2.5 minutes.
Help the Amazon!

Estimate based on the release of official data for 2016 and 2019, from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Satellite Monitoring Program (Prodes), which has a confidence index close to 95%.


We take care of the Amazon Forest!
Since 1988, with the birth of the first environmental protection movements, SOS Amazônia has sought to raise society's environmental and political awareness of the world's largest rainforest so that human and animal life can coexist in peace.

We work to make the frightening numbers of destruction change. Together we are already thousands of skilled people who can write a different story, saving the biodiversity and our greatest natural resources.

Our anual impact

hectares of managed and conserved forests
turtle hatchlings delivered to nature
people trained by SOS Amazonia.
families have received technical assistance since 2015


Little by little...
Fundo CASA strengthens social and environmental initiatives by NGOs and community groups in South America by supporting many small value projects.

Most local biomes span the territories of many countries. This is how Fundo CASA works. We are a Brazilian fund that operates in an integrated manner throughout South America to ensure that the impact generated really responds to the complexity of local realities in such diverse regions where a single solution would not fit.

Our impact

reached countries in South America
supported groups and organizations
million of spent money (R$)
years supporting projects


World Heritage ...
Conservation International is an organization that works for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources for human welfare. In the Brazilian Amazon, we have already contributed to the creation of 22 million hectares of protected areas and improved management of 60 million hectares in 100 Conservation Units.

Your donation will help protect the Amazon by ensuring a key resource in the fight to resolve the climate crisis. Together with partners, we are joining efforts to restore over 28,000 hectares of forests. And we count on your help to increase this number. Each hectare of healthy forest provides the home for wildlife, biodiversity, the well-being of local communities and indigenous people who depend on forests for their living.
Flavio Forner / CI-Brasil

Our impact

hectares of protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon
of hectares protected in other Brazilian biomes
of hectares of marine and coastal protected areas
sustainable fishery in Brazil, in the Fishing + Sustainable


Be Amazon!
Casa do Rio has been operating since 2014 around the BR-319 highway, one of the most endangered regions of the state of Amazonas. We develop projects that contribute to sustainable territorial development through integral education, entrepreneurship and agroecology.

We stimulate youth protagonism, the strengthening of productive groups and the conservation of biodiversity. We operate in conservation units, traditional communities and settlements in the municipalities of Careiro, Manicoré and Borba.

Our impact

individuals trained to practice sustainable economic activities
rural properties benefited with technical assistance for agroforestry production
active programs that contribute to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
strengthened community organizations
"To Infinity... and Beyond!"
We are also enthusiasts of intergalactic travel and space tours. Who knows, one day Doare will organize trips to Mars and we can take you with us! But for now, we still have very important challenges to solve here on Earth.

For this, we need your help, here and now.

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