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Fundraising Model Canvas

There are many ways. We research and gather the best in a single methodology, simple and able to meet the reality of your organization.

How to define the strategy of your fundraising area?

How does this Canvas work?

The canvas has 9 blocks divided into 4 layers: Immersion, Connection, Communication and Future.

Each block has a series of questions to be answered. These surveys lead to deep research as well as new definitions in the fundraising strategy.

Understand the importance of building a catch plan with us

How to create a fundraising strategy using a proven methodology

If you are going to build a fundraising strategy without Canvas:

If you have the support of Canvas and Doare to build it together:

You'll create cold documents who can not be changed and are not practical

Use of collaborative online management tool (Trello) with agile methodology

Without specific methodology for fundraising

Specific methodology for online fundraising, already tested and validated

Lack of insights and knowledge about what other organizations are doing

Shared knowledge of good market practices and success stories

It's difficult to know where to start and how to put your ideas into practice

Step-by-step well-defined and action-oriented results

Lack of ideas and experts to implement innovative suggestions

Fast, affordable investment project for organizations of all sizes

Long projects requiring internal resources or high consulting fees

Specialized fundraising team ready to put creative ideas into action

How to implement
Define your organization's strategy as needed.
OnLine Workshop
Single Investment
Online Classes
Single Investment
Do you want to talk with us before?
If you would like to clarify any point or are considering contracting more than one Doare solution, feel free to schedule a conversation.

You can trust us

For us, it's fo fundamental importance that you see the benefits of our solutions after delivery.

Therefore, and by believing in the real benefits that our solutions can generate, we offer a guarantee whenever possible by our solutions.

If for any reason you hire the Distance Learning Workshop and do not see value in the final result, you will be entitled to a 50% refund within 30 days.

And if for any reason you are not satisfied with the Online Course, you will be entitled to 100% refund within 30 days.

"Doing the Canvas Workshop was a unique experience to look into our organization. In 4 super productive hours we left with greater clarity to build a coherent and sensitizing speech, and a very complete plan on the future of our online strategy."

Rodrigo Rubido Alonso - Elos Institute

Our Clients


Can I apply the Fundraising Canvas to create offline strategies?
Yes you can! Briefly, the Fundraising Canvas is a visual map used as tool to structure the fundraising strategy of Civil Society Organizations and Social Causes.

Our Resource Capture Canvas focuses on online capturing, but nothing prevents it from being used for offline strategies if it helps in understanding the organization's goals and even designing the approaches to donating conversion.
How often should Fundraising Canvas be updated?
We consider Canvas an iterative document. That means it can undergo changes and inclusions periodically, according to the organization's learning process.

But do not worry! Your organization can count on Doare's support for any discussions and redefinitions on Canvas at any time and a follow-up every 6 months.
Who developed the Fundraising Canvas
The Capture Canvas was developed by Doare CEO Ruy Fortini.

It is a unique and exclusive tool, developed by Doare! :)

In addition, Doare today has a team of experts in strategic planning and fundraising ready to serve your organization.
How many organizations have already applied the Fundraising Canvas?
More than 20 organizations have applied Doare's Fundraising Canvas and were assisted by our team of experts.
Can I apply the Fundraising Canvas for social businesses?
Yes, you can! The Fundraising Canvas can help you to structure the Fundraising Strategy of Philanthropic Organization and of every Social Impact Business.

How can such a simple tool be so powerful?

Create fundraising strategies in practical and fast ways.

Deepen the impact of yout cause and know how to use emotions in your favor.

Map and define personas who can determine your offer.

Define clear funding objectives from a realistic analysis.

Create transparency and engagement actions for post-donor donors.

Our Canvas is a tool that goes straight to the point, without curling. The surveys are objective, but with depth and emotion.

"To Infinity... and Beyond!"
We are also enthusiasts of intergalactic travel and space tours. Who knows, one day Doare will organize trips to Mars and we can take you with us! But for now, we still have very important challenges to solve here on Earth.

For this, we need your help, here and now.
Strengthening the culture of giving through strategy, design, technology and communication, since 2012.
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