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Donor Welcome Series

Donor Welcome Series

Mostly, yes. Through intelligent e-mail and SMS sequences you can solve it.

Is it possible to automate communication with leads and donors?

Mary started to donate $25 monthly

Day 0

Sending thank-you message

+1 day

Infographic to share on social networks

+5 days

Reminder about processing date of monthly payments + recurring donor stamp

+15 days

Understand the value of making donor relationships with our donor welcome series

We connect communication and technology to generate results through empathy.

If you don't have Welcome Donor Series:

Building relationships with the Welcome Donor Series:

Just institutional newsletter with news and project updates.

Relationship between employee and lead/donor to create and maintain dialogue

Messages without personalization and no interaction options

Personalized and open messages for empathic listening

Manual control and sending of messages does usually generate faults and errors in communication

Streaming automation ensures timely delivery

Lack of strategy and communication focused on donation strategy

Bring new donors, increase donation value and migrate from donor to donor

No reports to evaluate donor engagement and leads

Detailed reports with opening rates, clicks and responses

It's easy to start building relationships

You only choose the plan that makes sense for your organization and hires it.

You fill out the briefing and send us material to create the contents.

You review and we implement the Donor Welcome Series.





Plans and Prices
Values that meet the reality of the social sector, for organizations of all sizes and needs.
Single Investment
Single Investment
Single Investment
Do you want to talk with us before?
If you would like to clarify any point or are considering contracting more than one Doare solution, feel free to schedule a conversation.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of writing these messages to your organization and we want them to be perfect.

During the review process you can request as many changes as you need.

The important thing is to get the best communication result to impact the supporters.

If after all the reviews you are not satisfied with the final result, you can ask for your full refund.

"I decided to hire the Donor Welcome Series with Doare cause it would have been impossible to create this control and communicate with hundreds of donors at the correct time manually."

Jessica Feitosa - Gerando Falcões

Some clients


Is it necessary for my organization to create an account in one of the indicated email tools?
No, it's not necessary. We can integrate with the system used by us and make all necessary settings.
Do I have to pay for maintenance from 500 donors, even if it's integrated with my email tool account?
Yes, we have operating and system costs to process and integrate all generated leads. :(
I would like that the Donor Welcome Series would be automated with a tool that is not listed. It's possible?
We can evaluate the possibility of this implementation. If the tool contains some support for sending automated sequences and integrating with Zapier, it probably will.

Contact us so we can understand a bit more about your needs. :)
I don't have a philanthropic organization or a social business, but I would like to hire the Welcome Donor Series for my business. It's possible?
Not at first. :(

But if your business impacts society positively and you really want to work with us, contact us, please!

The combined power of technology automation with communication

Automate the relationship with donors over 12 months.

Convert leads into donors.

Turn occasional donors to recurring donors.

Encourage donors to raise funds for the organization.

Make actions more transparent and generate more spontaneous donations.

Let's write your messages in an impactful way and implement it into a tool that will make your work easier for the rest of the year.

"To Infinity... and Beyond!"
We are also enthusiasts of intergalactic travel and space tours. Who knows, one day Doare will organize trips to Mars and we can take you with us! But for now, we still have very important challenges to solve here on Earth.

For this, we need your help, here and now.

Strengthening the culture of giving through strategy, design, technology and communication, since 2012.

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