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Understand how an attractive donation page can be a machine to bring resources to your organization.

Does your organization have an irresistible donation offer?

This is Angelica.

Angélica is 34 years old and currently works with fundraising in an active social organization from the North Zone of São Paulo.

She needs to create a custom donation page to leverage her organization's funding, but she does not have a full dedicated team to help her.

How to solve this problem?

Finding good options for Angelica isn't easy. She looks for options in the market, but only finds expensive platforms that allow minimal customization or agencies that are even more expensive and don't understand the needs of your NGO.

How can we help Angelica?

Doare develops wonderful Landing Pages, with strategy and high impact communication.

It is not just about design and implementation of the page. Here we'll do for you and with you, everything you need.

We are together with you to make strategy, persuasive writing, design, illustrations, implementation, integrations and testing.

Strengthening the third sector,
from page to page.

Understand the difference between hiring Doare's personalized donation page and other alternatives in the market.

By hiring existent alternatives in the market:

By hiring Doare, a social business focused in online donations:

They do not participate in the elaboration of the strategy

We participate in the definition of strategy, objectives and target.

They don't write texts or do it without any emotional appeal

We can do persuasive writing in up to 3 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish)

They provide only technology and templates with limited layouts

We offer flexible templates and 100% custom layouts

They don't have payment options who are already ready to integrate and you'll need to hire third parties.

Integrated with our donation platform who is already ready to receive payments in several currencies

They do not understand about online donations and it will be just another 'job' in the agency

We are specialists in online donations, with more than 7 years in the market

Long-term project delivered in a way that does not allow editing of content

Ultra-fast delivery on a super-friendly platform for content editing

Is easy to build your page:

You choose the plan that makes sense for your organization and hires it

You fill out the briefing form to send the necessary materials

We define the strategy together and Doare creates and implements the page





Customer pages speak for themselves

View, browse and try out these personalized donation pages.

Plans & Prices
Adapted values for the reality of the social sector, for organizations of all sizes and with the most varied needs
Single Investment
Single Investment
Single Investment

Full warranty coverage

We have experience and trust that we will develop a project together with you, who will make you satisfied and bring many positive results for your organization.

You'll be entitled to make as many revisions and adjustments as necessary until we reach the ideal result to comply the needs of your organization.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the final result of the page, you can ask for a full refund of the amount invested.

PS: That has never happened before :)

Organizations who approve us

"I chose to hire the Doare's donation page because I knew I would have real partners to build a unique, personalized product.
It exceeded my expectations! It was absolutely worth!"

Yohanna Perlman - Luisa Mell Institute


Does the donation page work on my smartphone?
Yes, of course! It works in your smartphone and in your tablet, as well, by Android or iOS.
Can people donate through the cell phone?
For sure! By cell phone, by tablet... It can be Android or iPhone, on the bus or even in the bathroom :)
Can I have other forms to get donations or to capture leads?
Yes, you can! We can implement corporative solutions, ambassadors funcionality, volunteering or even legacy and endowment.

Can I edit my donation page when I want?
Yes, you can! You'll have access to the page settings and then you can change what and when you want!

You can ask us to edit the page too, if you prefer. :)
How many languages does the Donation Page support?
Currently does the Donation Page support Portuguese and English, but if you want to translate the page to any other page, you can send us the content and we'll implement it for you.

By the way, we'll have pages in French and Spanish soon. :)
What if my organization hires the Custom Donation Page but wants to use another donation platform or payment method, is that possible?
Yes, it's possible too. Here we can custom everything according to the client needs.

See our condition by Plans and Prices.
To contract the Donation Page becomes compulsory purchase the other Doare's services?
No! You hire whatever you find necessary to leverage your fundraising.

Do you know that famous food delivery application in which you choose the dishes you like the most? So, Doare is kind of that, except in fundraising. :)

We agree, however, that your snack with a little more cheese or mayonnaise gets better, don't we? Doare can help you to choose the perfect "additional services" to leverage your organization's fundraising.
What if I wish to host the Donation Page on my server, do you send us the open source?
Yes, we'll send it. Here we don't get tired from speaking that our custom services are made according our customer needs and that's one of our main features.

See the conditions by Plans and Prices.

Why is it important for you organization to have a Donation Page?

Create an integrated experience from the organization's institutional site

High donor conversion rate

Personalized communication with visual identity and strategic positioning.

Create and implement custom strategies tailored to your needs

Get donations using Google Ad Grants media money

This solution is for organizations who are seeking to increase the volume of donations through a personalized experience for their supporters.

"To Infinity... and Beyond!"
We are also enthusiasts of intergalactic travel and space tours. Who knows, one day Doare will organize trips to Mars and we can take you with us! But for now, we still have very important challenges to solve here on Earth.

For this, we need your help, here and now.

Strengthening the culture of giving through strategy, design, technology and communication, since 2012.

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